Motor Sport Calculations

These calculations for motorcycle and automobile applications provide useful information when planning modifications, updating engine components or testing a vehicle. This collection of motor sport calculations fills a wide variety of needs for the serious professional or week-end racer.

Drag Race Simulator
Estimating HP
Exhaust Length
Gear Ratios
Calculate Engine Displacement
Calculate Air Density for jetting corrections
Calculate MPH from RPMs
Performance Formula's

Drag Race Simulator estimates 1/8, 1/4 mile times and will also estimate your top speed.

Estimate HP can give you an idea of your maximum power based on your 1/4 ET or trap MPH.

Exhaust Length calculations provide information for custom exhaust systems. The calculations can provide information for single diameter exhaust systems or step pipe exhaust systems.

Gear Ratios calculates the actual ratio based on transmission and final drive ratios.

Calculate Engine Displacement gives you your Cubic Inches and CCs.

Calculate MPH from RPM's lets you translate your wheel size, gear ratio and RPM into an actual mile per hour figure.

The Performance Formula's provides various calculations for engine tinkers and experimenters.