O2 Sensor Inline Enrichment Device
(O2 IED)
Patent Pending

Fits all 2007/2008 Harley-Davidson® with O2 sensors

A ‘plug-n-play’ upgrade designed to let the engine equipped with OEM oxygen sensors run at a richer 14.2:1 air fuel ratio in closed loop mode. The improved air fuel mixture has generally shown one of more of the following positive results: 

·          lower engine temperature

·          decreased exhaust heat

·          improved throttle response

·          less engine ‘ping’

Installation Instructions

·          Locate Front/Rear O2 sensors

·          Follow wiring 6-8” to black connector

o         Front Connector may be located behind a plastic panel

o         Remove the seat for rear sensor on Dyna

o         Cut any tie wraps holding the connectors in place

·          Unplug weather-tight connector

·          Plug the IED between O2 sensor and wiring harness

·          Make sure the connectors lock into each other

·          Tie wrap the IED in place to prevent it from hitting the exhaust system

Installation is complete and your motorcycle is ready to ride.

Testing the NBO2 Inline Enrichment Device off and on the bike

If at any time you think your O2 IED is not working properly, you should first make sure the connectors are properly plugged in and are tight. If you still feel there is an issue, you need to remove it from the bike first. Test your O2 IED with a 1.5V battery, 2 paper clips and a volt meter. First you need to check the battery to make sure it is producing 1.5V. Open up the paper clips and install them into the female connector (wiring harness side). Touch the battery to the paper clips so the (+) side is on the blue wire site and the (-) on the grey side. Touch the voltmeter to the male connectors (wiring harness side). You should see 1.00 to .90 volts or about 30% less than the battery voltage. If the correct voltage is present, the O2 IED is working correctly.

You can also check your O2 IED on the bike. Disconnect the O2 IED at the wiring harness connector. Your O2 IED will still be connected to the oxygen sensor. Start the engine up, letting it warm up for 2-3 minutes. With a voltmeter connected to the two pins in the connector, check the voltage. Normal voltage should be .250 to .750 volts with the engine running. If there is no voltage at the O2 IED pins, disconnect the O2 IED from the oxygen sensor. Check the voltage at the sensor pins. Normal voltage should be .250 to .750 volts. If there is no voltage at the oxygen sensor, the oxygen sensor is bad. If there is voltage at the oxygen sensor, but not at the O2 IED, then the O2 IED needs replacement.

These devices may not be legal for street use on pollution controlled vehicles. Check local laws and regulations to ensure compliance.
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