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Download Flyers Available (Y/N) Notes
Nightrider Product List Y 2016 Harley Same as 2015
XIED Install Y  
X14IED Install Y  
VIED Install Y  
AF XIED Install Y  
FL-XIED-10 Install Y  
FL-VIED-10 Install Y  
FL-AF XIED-10 Install Y  
XL-VIED-14 Install Y  
XL-AF XIED-14 Install Y  
AF XIED for BMW Install Y  
XIED for Ducati Y  
AF XIED for Ducati    
XIED for Victory Y  
AF XIED for Victory   Similar to Harley FL-AF XIED-10
DYN OiED Install Y  
O2iED Install   Same Install as XIED
Buell VIED Install Y  
AFR Gauge Y Advanced NBO2 AFR Gauge
FL-AF XIED-18 Install Y For 2017> H-D

The install guides may not be the most recent. In most situations, any updates represent minor changes or clarified install instructions.

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