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by Virginia Zurflieh

At the 1998 ABC General Membership Meeting in Frederick, Maryland, Dr. Paul Gerard moved that the entire ABC membership be given an opportunity to vote on whether to move the ABC to the center of the U.S. or leave it in the Northeast. Dr. Gerard’s motion was quickly seconded and passed by a large margin. ABC members subsequently voted two-to-one to move the ABC to the center of the country. The ABC show site proposal information printed below, taken from the September 1998 ABC News Bulletin, lists the criteria that a new show site must meet in order to be considered. The main criterion is that the show site be a motel/hotel that can accommodate ALL ABC attendees, including parking for Rvs. This is going to make locating a new show site difficult, but considering the limited facilities at our current site and the many protests each year from people who could not get rooms at the show site motel in Frederick, we think the new ABC Show Site Committee made a wise decision on this point.

ABC members and member clubs will soon be electing three new members to the ABC Board of Directors. All board candidates will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will give voters some indication of what programs and issues they consider important to the future of the club and the breed. Please read the questionnaires that accompany your ballot carefully - this is the only opportunity many of us will get to "meet" the candidates "in person," and decide whether they have the experience and qualifications to meet the challenges of this move and the other issues that confront our breed.

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