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(Dick Johnson, Jodi Boxers)


the night before a major, our up-and-comer, on an evening trip around the back yard, discovers the remains of a decent sized bird that has gone to the big nest in the sky several days prior. Unbeknownst to us hapless ones, he pigs out on this prize. The next day in Winners, he drops a memento of his previous day's feast on the mat, causing an entire row of spectators to grab their lawn chairs and flee for their lives. German Shepherd owners, standing outside an adjoining ring, are seen clutching their throats, dropping their chains, bells, whistles, clickers and other assorted tools of their trade. Four clean-up crews resign on the spot. The dog does not win-anything.
whenever a friend or relative who is not totally enthralled by our pride and joy comes over to the house, that future champion will, upon entering the room, immediately begin to seek love in all the wrong places.
when our noble breed is lying beside you on the couch and is suddenly stricken with "Boxer Airs," he will immediately lift his head and give you an accusing and disgusted look that actually makes you stop and think.
while you are totally relaxed and seated in your favorite chair, your dear friend picks that time to express his undying love and devotion by flinging himself into your lap, forelegs extended, with such exuberance that you are forced to verbally chastise him, generally in a voice about three octaves higher than your normal tone.
the one time you are somewhat careless with the newly arrived mail, you leave it within range of the four month old and when you return from a side trip, you discover that he has totally shredded your income tax refund check and four tickets to an upcoming concert, while carefully ignoring the flyer from Gambino's advertising their new grape, goat cheese and anchovy pizza as well as the pamphlet from the local medical clinic which poses the question "Was Hitler's Madness Caused by Hemorrhoids?" (Being an occasional sufferer from that affliction, I can almost buy that theory.)

Being completely mused out, I offer the following justification for including this whatever in a locale reserved for the discussion of the breeding and showing of Boxers: In order to breed and show our beloved Boxers, you must first live with them. If you live with them, you have to laugh at them. If you can't laugh at them, honey, you're in the wrong breed!


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