Putting a "two-step" rev-limiter
Stutter Box on your motorcycle

A two-step rev-limiter or stutter box is a common addition to drag race bikes as a way to improve the launch and 60 foot times. Here are some instructions for installing a clutch position switch required to operate a stutter box on the motorcycle.

This stutter box installation is on a 1994 Harley-Davidson FXDL, but these instructions should work for most motorcycles. Shown in figure 1 is a completed cockpit installation.

Figure 1

Parts list:
Two-Step Rev Limiter (Dynatek # DRL-400-HD for two cylinder engines)
Roller Lever Switch (Radio Shack # 275-017A)
3/4"x1/8" flat aluminum    3 to 8 inches
assorted screws, nuts and other hardware

Mount the switch onto the flat aluminum with a 3/8" inch standoff similar to figure 2. The standoff is more visible in figure 3b.

Figure 2.

The switch bracket is mounted above the clutch lever as shown in figures 3a and 3b. The switch roller is mounted so it is in contact with the clutch cable end. The lever switch moves smoothly over the rounded clutch cable end. When the clutch is pulled in, the lever switch is in the open position. The lever switch should be wired for
Clutch in - closed contact
Clutch out - contact open

Figure 3a

Figure 3b