Harley-Davidson Drive Train

Typical Clutch Parts List

Performance and Technical information on clutches and clutch components for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Typical Clutch Parts List for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle

This parts list is for typical Big Twin or Sportster clutch. The primary difference between the two is the clutch release mechanism. The Big Twins have a rod that runs from the right side of the transmission case through to the clutch. The Sportster release mechanism is on the left side of the bike. You can match the part numbers to the diagram on the left.

hd_clutch_parts.gif (9945 bytes)


8. Retaining Ring
9. Snap Ring
10. Spring Seat
11. Diaphragm Spring
12. Retaining Ring
13. Release Plate
14. Retaining Ring
15. Bearing
16. Adjusting Screw
17. Pressure Plate
18. Friction Plate(s)
19. Steel Plate(s)
20. Spring Plate
21. Mainshaft Nut
22. Washer
23. Clutch Hub
24. Bearing
26. Clutch Shell
27. Retaining Ring